Dice Rules: The Millennial History of Gambling

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Why dice will never become obsolete

Dice has existed for many centuries and even more. This game can confidently be called the progenitor of modern gambling. Roulette, baccarat, poker – all this appeared much later. Perhaps that is why, with its thousand-year history, dice game attracts so many fans among gamblers.

The casino craps rules variant is somewhat different from the classic version, which is often shown in historical films. Many players consider the rules of craps one of the simplest gambling offered by online casinos. At the same time, it can be quite difficult for a beginner to understand all the rules for craps. Also appreciate not only craps, but also such as aussie pokies. Craps game rules includes the following components which can confuse any beginner:

. Craps game rules includes the following components which can confuse any beginner:

  • Boxes for bets;
  • Game markers;
  • A dealer who picks up a player’s bet even if the desired number has fallen.

In the future, after the player understands all the rules, the game seems to him very simple and exciting.

How to play

In all versions of the game for rolls, two dice are used, with six faces. The player can get 36 combinations. To understand basic craps rules, it’s important to know all the betting options. There are several types of bets, depending on the loss of which the player either wins or loses:

  • Bets on layout Come – the player wins in case of a combination of 11 or 7. In the case of a drop of options 2,3 or 12 (the so-called craps), the bet loses. Combinations 4,5,6, 8,9,10 are designated by Come Point and win in case of repeated loss before repeated loss of combination 7. When winning in such cases, payout 1 to 1 is carried out;
  • Bets on layout do not come and come – in such cases, the player receives two-to-one payments when combinations 4 and 10 fall out, three to two when combinations 5 and 9 fall out, and six to five when combinations 6 and 8. fall out bets on the do not come payout field are carried out in a ratio of five to six with a combination of 6 and 8, two to three with a combination of 5 and 9, and one to two with a combination of 4 or 10;
  • Bets on layout Do not come – that is, on a field there is opposite to the come bet. The winning field do not come is for combinations 3 or 2, with combinations 7 or 11, a loss is declared. When 12 is dropped, the player returns the bet;
  • Pass line bets – possible until the player’s first throw. Winnings are announced for combinations 7 and 11, the round is declared closed. The payout is one to one;
  • Bets on the line do not pass – payments are one to one;
  • Betting on odds on the Pass line;
  • Odds Betting is a spare bet.

All these craps rules are remembered with constant rolling the dice and are easy to do.

Craps strategies

From the player’s point of view, in craps, the most profitable are bets from the Odds category. They will only put them to the available line rates, in order to minimize the casino advantage in craps, these two types of bets need to be combined.

For example, make a Pass Line bet, and after setting Point, add a Pass Line Odds bet. It has been proven that Place bets of 6 and 8 have very good chances of winning. This is the optimal use of craps rules for winning.

Types of craps online slots

At the casino, players can learn how to play dice online and gain valuable experience by preparing themselves to play in a real casino. In an online casino, the game is also played for money. Сraps rules in craps online are no different from playing in a regular casino, even the terms and bets are the same. Players roll dice by pressing a button. And during the game, players have the opportunity to communicate. The above rules will suit even craps rules for dunnies, they are so simple.

More info about craps , like history here.

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